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FAst Forward to become a job-ready data analyst

Analyse big data.

All (if not most) data analysts use Python to clean, transform and analyze data. Your first step to become a job-ready data analyst starts with learning to program with Python.

With the tool used by data analysts & scientists – Python.

As a data professional, you will be doing lots of data scrubbing, cleaning, wrangling and more, before you even make a single visualization.

The good news? Python is great at that. And most companies require talents to be skilled at Python.

Python skills open doors... to various career opportunities.

As a data analyst, data scientist, software engineer, DevOps engineer and more. In fact, you'll notice Python is a requirement to most data analyst jobs.

Put simply – being Python skilled allows you to solve real-world problems. And many companies want that.


Python for Data Analytics Pro

An online course designed to get you from no-idea to building small programs in Python for big data analysis. (Experience in programming is not needed.)

You will learn:

  • How to write Python code for data cleaning, and preparing data for analysis.
  • Programming logic to build applications.
  • How to write functions to save time when building programs for data analytics.
  • How to do data analytics with Python.
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