60-mins video masterclass

Is a data science career for you?

If you have Googled, "how much a data scientist makes", then this video masterclass will answer everything you need to know. We gathered questions we've been asked, and answer them in this video masterclass.

Get answers to questions, like:

  • What's the difference between AI, data science & machine learning?
  • How much do data analysts, scientists or engineers earn in Malaysia?
  • How is data science used at work?
  • What can I do to get a good starting salary?
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What you'll learn

Data Science vs A.I. vs Machine Learning

Since everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, shouldn't I go all-into it?

Well, hold-on hombre.

There are merits to data science, AI and machine learning. Each requires different skillsets and different responsibilities. What's important is knowing which role suits you – which is exactly what is explained in the masterclass.

Pay ranges in data science

You'll invest time, money & effort to learning a skillset. Not to mention the blood and tears that you'll shed.

Unless you live to 150 years old, you probably want to know if it's going to be worth pursuing a data science career.

How much will you potentially earn as a data analyst, scientist or ML engineer? What is the career pathway like?

The skillsets to master.

What are the current programming languages and skillsets you need to learn – if you want to secure a job opportunity and stand out in the job market?

Learn about the software, tools and platforms that data professionals use at work, and how they work. See behind-the-scenes of how they are used for real data projects.

INcluding topics like...
  • How does a data science project starts and end.
  • Data scientist vs Data Engineer vs Data Analyst.
  • What a typical data project looks like.
  • See how data science has helped organizations.
  • How to prepare for a data science career.
  • The best companies to work for as a data professional.
  • And more...
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