Webinar - 27th Sept (Wednesday), 9PM-9:45PM

How to Break into a Tech Career

The tech industry is a rewarding field. But it isn’t just about programming and coding. If you look deeper, you’ll find opportunities in a vast landscape of roles – from software development, cybersecurity, product management, data analytics and AI. 

In this webinar, we’ll uncover the many tech roles, their salary range, challenges and the skillsets you need to break into your dream tech career.

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What you'll be learning with us?

  • The in-demand skills & tech roles.
  • How to stand out in the job market. (And get a bigger salary)
  • Working at startups vs larger tech companies.
  • The Forward Guide to preparing your portfolio for success.
Some topics that will be covered
The Dilemma: Computer science diploma VS self-learning

Should you go for a diploma or self-learn?

Current in-demand tech jobs in 2023 & beyond

Find out what is the current in-demand tech jobs.

Tech role salary ranges & what to expect

When you graduate, how much will you be paid?

Pros & Cons: Working at startups vs larger tech companies

Should you begin your career in a startup or big tech companies?

Skillsets & attributes that will get you a high salary

What will give you a better chance of landing and getting a high salary?

The briefcase technique: Polishing your portfolio for success

Elevate your chances by learning how to prep your portfolio.

Who is this for?

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About to complete high-school and interested in breaking into a tech career? You won't want to miss this webinar.


Love tech, and want to make a mark in the tech industry as a startup or jumping into a tech role?


Considering switching into a tech career? Learn what it takes to break into a fulfilling career in tech.

Who is presenting?

Howie Chang, is a leader with a rich and diverse background in technology, education, and business transformation. As the founder of Forward College, a groundbreaking technology and future skills institution in Malaysia, he cultivates tech talents in the fields of AI, Product Management, UI/UX and technology, for enterprises.

Howie spearheads strategic initiatives aimed at cultivating sustainable talent pipelines for enterprises. His unwavering commitment to innovation and growth is evidenced by his extensive experience in facilitating and training leaders and the workforce in the field of AI, having adeptly guided over hundreds of individuals through transformative learning journeys.

Reuben Chʼng is head of marketing, entrepreneur, growth marketer, and HRDC trainer with over 10+ years of experience working & training brands such as TNB Malaysia, Sony, Nandos, UEM, and Media Prima Digital, History Channel, and Pacific West.

He started his entrepreneurial journey as a founder of a music school, Cat Studio – before moving into the Adtech and marketing, working with FMCGs and corporatesAs an entrepreneur, he runs a few education and media companies. Cat Studio, a music school and Daily CMO, a marketing education platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top questions answered.
Will this session be recorded?

This is a live session with Q&A, so we wouldn’t be releasing a recording. Do join us live.

Can I ask questions?

Yes of course! There will be a 10 minutes Q&A session at the end.

Will I be sold something?

At Forward College, we help individuals get their dream tech jobs. There will be no pitching or hard-selling during this session. If you found the session useful, you might consider our programmes.

How long is the session? 

40 minutes in total. The presentation runs for 30 minutes. There will be a 10 minutes Q&A session at the end.

What are you waiting for?
Discover through this webinar how you can break into a tech career and elevate yourself.