A Student's Year in Forward School

2022 is a year of recovery, with life slowly returning to normal, and people are able to meet each other physically. That brings great news especially for students who have been isolated in online learning for the past 2 years, coming back to school, cracking their heads at problem solving and projects, having discussions and getting guidance physically from their instructors. As 2022 draws to a close, here’s what our year 1 semester 3 students, Caaron and Nathalie have to say about the time spent at Forward School this year.

This year has been very productive and challenging for me as we arrived at Forward School early in March with no coding experience, learning something new has been a struggle yet fun at the same time. Throughout the year, our learning progress grew with challenges and many fulfilling projects along the way. 

"The biggest learning I have received this year has been learning and being able to build Full-Stack Websites from scratch. Although there are many learning platforms and video tutorials available online, the best learning experience is done through code-alongs and establishing fundamentals through practice with an experienced instructor in the classroom. Throughout the year, I have now learnt how to build, deploy and host full-stack dynamic websites, so I think that was one of the coolest things I’ve experienced." - Nathalie Teh, Year 1 Semester 3

"I’ve been invited as one of the exhibitors at this year’s convocation, where I get to showcase what I’ve built throughout my studies at Forward School to hiring partners who are industrial people. This opportunity allowed me to connect and build relationships with people from the industry such as Exabytes, Vitrox, Sophic Automation and many more, not forgetting them getting to know my skills in programming through the projects that I’ve built. I worked on a Full-Stack Website called QTube which is a clone of Youtube, built through using ReactJs and Tailwind CSS." -Caaron Ooi, Year 1 Semester 3

One of the other best things about this year is getting to learn from our seniors who have gone through industrial training. Watching them work and being able to work with them has been a big help towards my growth. They have taught us to never give up, and showed me how the real working industry would arrange and clean their codes, to be resilient in problem solving, and always seek to improve and learn even though they were far better than we were. 

What do you hope to gain from Forward School next year?

We’ll be focusing on our Mobile App and Data Science semesters where we are now challenged to create even more fulfilling projects. Even then, we are also looking forward to external projects to continue brushing up on our Full-Stack Web skills, taking on real world projects from the industry through Forward Labs. It has been quite a journey to work on a project from end-to-end, communicating with clients, and progressing to become an efficient Software Developer.

We look forward to another exciting year of hopefully seeing our students finding their success in the tech industry, and hopefully with what we believe in building students’ skills by creating a practical and hands-on learning experience for them. If you are interested in changing to a career in technology, let us help you get started in the right direction through skills building, with practice and support from real instructors who have been involved much in the tech industry. See you next year! Onward Upward!

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