About Forward College

Learn more about us, a revolutionary, new technology and future skills college based in Penang,  Malaysia
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Forward College's philosophy is driven by real-world learning experiences developed in tandem with our industry partners.

At Forward College, we stand at the forefront of the digital revolution, pioneering technological and futuristic skills education in Malaysia. Our commitment to fostering digital aptitude extends not only to fresh high school graduates but also to working professionals, businesses, and brands. We're dedicated to being the preeminent digital-era educational hub in South East Asia, helping individuals evolve into creators who will shape the future, not merely consume it.

Our Philosophy

Our educational philosophy at Forward College revolves around experiential learning, designed collaboratively with our industry partners. Backed by our distinguished faculty and pioneering technology professionals, we deliver an exceptional, state-of-the-art education within an environment that encourages both learning and innovation.
Our unique Co-Learning & Co-Living Spaces

We are proud to introduce an integrated co-learning and co-living space, the first of its kind in Malaysia. This unique concept enables motivated students and professionals to immerse themselves in a technologically driven community space. We firmly believe that by living, working, and engaging together, we create the perfect environment for groundbreaking collaborations to unfold.

Our Mission

To make quality digital-age education accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our Vision

To provide the best digital-age education in South East Asia. Being the best means, we strive to help every student become a better version of themselves for a future we believe will be made by creators, not consumers.

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