Income Share Agreement

What is an ISA?

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a financial obligation in which an amount is credited towards the student’s tuition in exchange for the student sharing an agreed upon percentage of post-program income over a defined period of time. ISAs reduce financial barriers for many students and align tuition costs with post-program income.

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Pay RM 0 tuition until you land a high-paying job

We cover your tuition costs until you are employed. All you have to do is make a down payment of RM 3,000 and receive ISA for the remainder of your tuition.

More student-friendly than a loan 

You’ll pay us 15% of your gross income but only once you start making at least RM 30,000 per year. Payments pause if you stop working, and are capped at 1.5x your ISA amount. 

Stop paying once you’ve reached the cap 

You're 100% free from any obligation to us once you've reached the cap or the payment schedule ends.

ISAs are only available for the NitroDegree in Applied Software Engineering program
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Calculate Your Investment.

With our ISA, you can pay as much you’d like upfront for your tech education. Enter your upfront payment to calculate your investment.

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Tuition and Income Share Agreement (ISA) Questions
Important Note: The FAQs below explains certain tuition and ISA features and terms, but do not override any terms in the Income Share Agreement (ISA) itself. Students should read their enrollment agreement and ISA contract(s) carefully to understand their terms.
Does the job need to be tech-based?

There are no requirements stipulating the nature or type of employment that students choose. If you are earning at least the minimum monthly income, regardless of job type or industry, you will be required to make the monthly payments.

What if I don’t get a job, or the job doesn’t pay enough?

You still need to make a minimum payment at a fixed amount of RM 250.00 per month.

What is an ISA and how does it work?

An ISA is a way to pay your Forward School tuition. A Forward School ISA is a contract under which you agree to pay 15% of your post-Forward School gross salary, but only once you're making more than RM 30,000 per year. The ISA is capped at a maximum repayment repayment of 1.5x your ISA amount.

This is our way of investing in you. We select students we believe will be successful, and cover your tuition until you're in a financial position to pay us back.

When does the agreement end?

You complete the agreement when any of the following occurs: 

  1. You hit the payment cap;
  2. 120 months have passed since the end of your grace period.
Who’s Eligible?

Forward School ISA is currently available for NitroDegree in Applied Software Engineering. Additional eligibility requirements include being a Malaysia citizen or permanent resident and being 18 years or older. Schedule a Q&A with our admissions team to get more information on ISA eligibility.