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Cheong Chin Wei
Data Visualization and Strategic Analysis for Procurement Management
Ho Jia Min
COVID-19 Drug Design using Generative RNN-LSTM
Hong Ping Su
Support Desk Ticket Chatbot to Recommend Solutions
Jordan Lai
GME stocks with correlation with Reddit analysis
Kavien Khoo
Production Output vs Rejection vs with Preventive Maintenance Prediction
Khaw Chan Yong
Die Attach Machine Failure Analysis
Lim Suying
Disease Prediction Based on Biomarker and Nutrition Intake
Michairyniza Richlellyn
Flood Prediction with Map Python (Terrain Changes)
Mohammad Subhi Bin Jamiluddin
Analysis of Salaries of Labor Market in Jobstreet Malaysia
Nurul Farahain
Exploratory Data Analysis on Brazilian E-Commerce Dataset
Nurul Hidayah Azhar
Shipment Data Prediction
Suthan Kanavathy
Brazilian E-commerce Exploratory Data Analysis
Tan Wei Lin
Visualize Shopfloor Station Product Failure Rate
Tay Jian Zhen
Udemy Courses Analysis
Teoh Chee Beng
Move Lot Activity Analysis and Prediction
Tung Fu Wei
Telco Customer Churn
Yeoh Tze Shuang
Support Desk Ticket Time, Geographical and Unsupervised Learning
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Afiqah Shamin Bt Aminnurllah
Fish Species Classification
Charis Chan Wei Yenn
Acne Classifier
Chong Kar Woh
Smart Driver Monitoring System
Christopher Leong
Smart Driver Monitoring System
Kingsley Ngoi
Smart Driver Monitoring System
Koay Xian Cong
Acne Classifier
Liang Han Sheng
Acne Classifier
Looi Yih Foo
Skin Disease Detector
Luqman Fairuz
Football Player Detector
Muhamad Syukri Bin Md Ghazali
Fish Species Classification
Muhammad Izzat Faiz Bin Mohd Derafi
Football Player Detector
Yeoh Boon Khai
Skin Disease Detector