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The ultimate goal as educators is to lead and guide students to a successful career pathway where they not only find themselves maturing to become an adult, but also a responsible contributor to society. To compensate for the wholesome student learning experience focusing on both academic and practicalities, internships are designed to provide the much needed professional working experience for their students. and not forgetting the training to become industry-ready individuals looking to pursue their respective careers in the field that they have spent years studying. 

The Problem

However, this may not be the case for everyone in their internship experience. As many have noticed, internships are often hit and miss cases where students might learn lots from a well organised company or just do nothing besides reporting to work everyday without clear objectives of their involvement at a company. Plus, the transition for students from academics to professional workplaces is often overlooked where students struggle without guidance and are expected to exhibit professionalism in the workplace immediately for the next 3 months. Therefore, a ground-breaking solution is needed for more successful internships.

Meet Forward Labs

In Forward School, we believe that quality education must exhibit real industry experience from Day 1. Therefore, Forward Labs is that initiative to give our students a taste of what a developer’s day in a life looks like, enhancing students’ professional learning experience with real industrial work related to their field of study in Data Science, Web Development and Mobile App Development. 

The Solution for the Future

As we seek to revamp our Industrial attachment where students get to experience the real workplace environment and projects given, this is done so with precision to ensure every student is accounted for with industrial project work given to them, covering from their project execution and delivery to the client’s needs. Aside from that, they won’t just be thrown to the lion’s den and fend for themselves, they’d be placed with our Industrial Mentors who are experts in the tech field and are passionate about guiding and teaching the upcoming generation of software engineers!

Let us help you!

Find out more about how we can prepare you to be a full-fledged software engineer in just 2 years with emphasis on applied academics in relating studies to work skills. Reach out to us for more information and let’s Fast Forward Your Future today!

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