Forward School Celebrates Its First NitroDegree in Applied Software Engineering Graduates

The first two batches of students from Forward School's NitroDegree in Applied Software Engineering, 06/2020 & 10/2020 Cohorts had successfully completed their studies and had received their scrolls on the 12th of November, 2022.

Asher Chan shouting out his fellow graduates in his speech.

“Forward School started with a problem realised in higher education, where there is a significant mismatch between the skills that employers seek and those students possess upon graduation because of the fast changing pace of the tech industry versus the slower universities curricula design change. Our mission is to equip our students with the necessary digital and future skills, to nurture confident, competent, and imaginative professionals brave enough to pursue their ambitions in tech.” - Howie Chang, CEO & Co-Founder of Forward School.

Over the course of two years, we’ve watched these students grow from having close to zero knowledge in programming, to now acquiring solid contributing roles at their respective companies, serving and impacting communities through digital means. 

Poh Hock representing his classmates in his speech.
Current student, Caaron, presenting his projects to our Hiring Partners.

As we’re proud of our graduates who have successfully completed their studies with us here at Forward School, their effort in pursuing knowledge has far exceeded our expectations. In just two years, they have been fully equipped with soft and hard skills that enables them to transit into the industry smoothly. 

“Hello World” is not just to say hello to the world, But also connecting everyone to an endless world of opportunity” - Chan Kee Siak, CEO & Founder of Exabytes.

Kenrick, one of our graduates, receiving his certificate from Howie.

It is safe to say that 100% of our graduates have now found their pathway in the tech industry, they have all acquired jobs that are relevant to what they have studied thus far.

As we mark our significant milestone here at Forward School, we wish each and every one of our graduates the very best for their future endeavours, shaping and impacting communities digitally through tech!

Group photo of CEO, Head of Faculty, Investors, Instructors, and Students

We hope for our students to press on in learning as “Learning never ceases until you draw your last breath. Learning starts from the womb to the day you pass” - Teoh Boon Yew, Head of Faculty at Forward School.

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