Forward School is now part of the GitHub Education's Campus Program

We live in a world that is increasingly volatile and digital. So much so the demand for tech roles continues to grow amid COVID-19.

Yet, the widening skills gap remains a big concern, and is particularly prevalent in the tech sector.

With the dire need for skilled, university graduates, we are determined to challenge the conventions of the higher education landscape.

At Forward School, we seek to redefine and set the bar high by modelling our programs on the same best practices as actual technology companies. One of them is by using GitHub to enable our students to contribute to open source projects and build real-world experience.

What is GitHub?

A screenshot of GitHub's homepage

GitHub is one of the world’s largest community of developers. It’ is an intricate platform that fosters collaboration and communication between developers. To many, a defining feature of GitHub lies in its robust version control system. The version control allows coders tweak software—potentially fixing bugs or improving efficiency—without affecting the software itself or risking the experience of any current users. Proposed changes can be easily merged into the live software after the proposals are reviewed and approved.

GitHub can integrate with common platforms and services such as Amazon, Google Cloud, and Code Climate. It can highlight syntax in more than 200 different programming languages.

As a result, GitHub has become home to virtually every open source project of any importance.

What is the GitHub Campus Program about?

We are a GitHub Campus Partner School! 

GitHub Campus Program is a package of premium GitHub access where it includes:

  • No-cost access to GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server for for our faculties
  • Teacher training to master Git and GitHub with our Campus Advisor program
  • Exclusive access to new features, GitHub Education-specific swag, and free developer tools from GitHub partners
  • Automated access to premium GitHub Education features, like the GitHub Student Developer Pack


With this on hand, we look forward to levelling up our students’ skills and prepare them for careers in industry.

Posted by
Jia Ying
Senior Marketing Executive

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