Meet the Pioneers - The Elite 8

Elite 8 is a new team formed by the 8 best students from Forward School. They were selected based on their performance in academics and commitment to their respective industrial attachments. This team is formed for top students to explore and develop their leadership potential. They performed well to get here, but they know they're just getting started. 

The Elite 8 represents the students and Forward School to run events of their own initiative and interest, forming relationships with industrial experts while being a leader in their own respective roles. Not forgetting being sent out for hackathons and competitions representing Forward School.

Meet The Team

Ooi Jun Xiang - President

Jun Xiang is a 19-year-old Penangite with a huge interest and passion in web development. He is currently working with Experior for his industrial attachment. He spends most of his time with his laptop either learning programming or having fun with his friends online.

Tan Eu Zhean - Secretary

The one and only Tan Eu Zhean from Penang Island. A student from Forward School of batch March 21. He has an interest in PC Technology and J-Pop. He is currently working with Forward Labs.

Choo Chen Zhung - Vice President / Treasurer

Chen Zhung is an optimistic individual who is attached to Vitrox. Because he is from Penang, he believes that Penang offers the best dishes in the country. He is an ardent follower of Blackpink and other K-pop groups. Whenever Chen Zhung is working, he listens to K-pop music to enhance his productivity.

Vyashya Raj - Curator

Vyashya Raj is a Penangite who goes by the name Yash. This figure works in EasyWork as a Developer Trainee. He is an energetic young man who loves to play badminton whenever he isn't neck deep in code and projects. He also takes pride in being a Foodie. The motto this being follows for life is Never Quit, Never Give Up, Fly it to the End.

Cassandra Cheng Ke Xing - Curator

Being born and raised in Penang, Cassandra is an Industrial Trainee at Vitrox focusing on Software Development. Food, Food, and Food are Cassandra's hobbies. She spends her time looking for new places to visit and dine in. She is a very cute and jovial character that is indispensable to Forward School's Elite 8.

Chan Hui Min - Curator

Hui Min is currently working in Exabytes as a developer trainee. She is a Penangite who enjoys reading fiction and is always looking for new books to read. She is also a music fan who enjoys playing music in her spare time. "Success is not failure, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts," she says, and uses it to drive herself at all times.

Foong Jac Khe - Marketer

Jackhe is a penangite currently working for Whiteroom. She's a fan of good food, cause who wouldn't be when you're living in penang? She also enjoys pc building and is working part time at Gadget Zone

Chan Xui Min - Designer

Xui Min is passionate about what she does. She is a Developer Trainee in Easywork. As a typical Penangite, she likes to explore different kinds of food, especially the chocolaty ones. She enjoys well-written and composed music of various genres as long as it's nice and lifts one's spirits up.

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Jun Xiang
Elite 8 President

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