We're Hiring: Instructor & Curriculum Engineer (Android Development)

Our team is on a mission to redefine the higher education landscape and we are looking for drive, results-oriented individuals to help us achieve it.

About the Role

We are looking for a Mobile App Development (Android) Instructor to join our faculty. As an instructor, you will be responsible for developing and delivering curriculum to our NitroDegree in Applied Software Engineering students. Your work will serve as the foundation for the Forward School educational experience as we scale from 20 students to 2,000 students and beyond. By joining our team, you’ll be creating the blueprint for the future of alternative higher education.

This is a highly visible, student-facing role, reporting directly to the Head of Faculty. As an Instructor, you’ll be responsible for delivering the curriculum to students, tracking student progress, and preparing students for the job market. Additionally, you’ll be expected to actively contribute to and improve upon the existing curriculum in conjunction with the Head of Faculty.

You must be comfortable suggesting and implementing new ideas that improve the quality and integrity of the school. You understand that there are always new opportunities for improvement and ways to elevate our standards.

Your Responsibilities

1. You will be expected to teach the following subjects but not limited to, as part of our 2-Year Applied Software Engineering program:

  • Android Studio (Kotlin)
  • Lifecycle & Layouts
  • Navigation & Assets
  • Persistent Data in Android
  • Mobile Networking
  • Android Concurrency & Parallelism
  • Advanced Architectural Patterns in Android

2. Teach a daily class from Monday to Thursday (3 hours Face to face and 2 hours consultancy hour). 

3. Work alongside Forward School staff and teaching team to best meet the needs and learning styles of your students. 

4. Facilitate a dynamic and collaborative classroom community.

5. Guide students through the development of assignments and projects that translates business logic into Android applications.

6. Maintain appropriate instructional equipment and program (e.g. Forward School portal).

7. Assist students outside of class, as necessary.

8. Participate in curriculum development, revisions, and evaluation activities.

9. For non-Malaysians: Must be able to provide appropriate work visas/requirements.

A huge advantage, if you…

1. Are familiar with Zoom and Slack

2. Possess Vocational Training Operation (VTO) qualification from Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK)

3. Have an interest in keeping up with the latest in Android technology

Your Qualifications

1. You are eager to shape the skills, minds, and trajectories of eager Forward School Students.

2. Passion for teaching and mentoring developers.

3. A strongly held belief that students learn best through guided, hands-on experience

4. You are the person that your colleagues naturally gravitate to when they are trying to figure something out.

5. You have at least one year of Android app development experience.

6. You have created at least one app only using Kotlin programming language.

7. Besides fluency in developing Android with Kotlin, it will be advantageous if you too have fluency in the following topics: Front-End Development Workflow and Tooling, JavaScript Frontend Frameworks, Single Page Web Applications, Progressive Web Applications, APIs, Git and GitHub.

8. Strong understanding of development best practices (TDD, version control, design patterns, performance), math principles (calculus and statistics), CS principles (algorithms and data structures), and advanced CS concepts.


This position is a part-time and salaried role.

How to Apply

Interested to apply? Kindly send your application (Resume, a link to Github account or portfolio of your work) and anything else you’d like to provide us to our Head of Faculty, Boon Yew at teohby@forwardschool.co

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Boon Yew
Head of Faculty

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