Connecting Tech Startups As The Only Malaysia Digital Hub in the Northern Region

Starting a company is by no means a hard task to do, from scratching the surface of your business plans, to gathering capital then finally executing your plans and finally starting your own company. It is easier said than done most of the time. However, if you are already planning to start your company, and you are still looking for a place to start, let us help you in your journey as a startup tech entrepreneur in Malaysia as we are now under the Malaysia Digital Hub in the Northern region! What does that mean? We are able to cater the necessary needs to nurture your startup and get you on your feet as you enjoy certain benefits and resources such as cozy and professional workspaces, funding opportunities, access to the relevant markets, mentorship programs and more as a startup company here in Forward School’s newly accredited Malaysia Digital Hub;

Funding & Investment program

As you join as a startup company with us in Forward School, one of the biggest advantages to you is the funding opportunities that can connect you with potential investors provided by the Malaysia Digital Hub initiative!  There are also many events and workshops that will be organised and be available to help you sharpen your fundraising skills via pitch training, building investor relations and more.


One of the perks of being a member in a Malaysia Digital Hub is that you can get access to 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with industry experts such as C-levels of MDT Innovation, investment experts like Pitchin, and head of corporate enterprises such as Maxis, HSBC, Alliance Bank and many more! On top of all that, the Mentor+ program also organises monthly webinars showcasing their mentors that allows you to get connected with your preferred mentors.

Market access to corporates

Stay connected with the demands in the market from corporates as you will have access to the needs of the market, which means it will be easier for corporates to find your products and services and your product might just be the problem solving solution that they needed. 

Malaysia Tech Entrepreneurship Program (MTEP) for overseas tech founders

Planning to start or grow your business here in Malaysia? MTEP offers 1 year visa pass for new oversea tech entrepreneurs and 5 years visa pass for established tech founders who wish to grow their business in Malaysia that covers your residing options to us here in Forward School as a Malaysia Digital Hub! Read more about MTEP here.

Reside in a business friendly environment!

As you start your startup journey here with us, you will be able to build connections with other startup businesses residing here with us in Forward School as we provide your necessary needs such as high speed broadband internet and a stable business friendly environment with other tenants who can grow together with you!

Enjoy these perks from our partners

Kakitangan is a cloud-based HR portal that helps you to keep the hassle aways in HR matters. Handle your payroll, claims, leaves, monthly tax reduction (PCB) and generating EA forms with ease! 

Find out more.

Amazon Web Services

Get access to 5K USD  worth of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud credit to which you can enjoy services and training or webinars like compute, storage, databases, etc!

Find out more.

What are you waiting for?

Enquire about us now at for more information and details as we are the first and only Malaysia Digital Hub in the Northern region of Malaysia. We hope to see you soon! 

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