Why Applied Software Engineering is the Job of the Future

We've famously heard our parents advocate for us to be Lawyers, Doctors, or Accountants. But are those the only options? With advancing technology, we have seen many other job opportunities open up. When we thought software engineering was just another run of the mill career option, things have changed.

As the internet evolves into the new age of Web 3.0, software engineering as a career is becoming more lucrative. Software engineers will have the option to apply their skillsets to many jobs.

Metaverse World Builder

With Mark Zuckerberg's recent announcement of the Metaverse, the possibilities for software engineers are endless. Software engineers will be vital to creating digital platforms for companies to connect with their audience. 

Adidas is one of these companies getting ahead of the curve, making exclusive digital clothing to parallel people's real-world lives. They're not stopping there as they plan to fill their digital space with more exclusive content and experiences. Soon, more companies will follow suit, and the need for Metaverse software development will soar. 

Cybersecurity Software Developer

During the first nine months of 2021, there were a reported 15,935 cybercrimes in Malaysia, resulting in losses of about RM380 million. Even with the state of the art software available today, digital spaces are still vulnerable and need constant innovation to stay safe. 

With the progression into a more digitally interconnected society, cybercrimes will continue to rise. Security software will need to be constantly maintained by engineers to prevent cybercrimes. Software engineers will be required to work together with cybersecurity officers to keep the internet a safe and secure place for everyone.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is a recording system that is almost impossible to hack. It is a buzzword for crypto enthusiasts, but many people don't know its use in other industries. It also gets used to protect copyright, share data and secure online voting. Blockchain developers are in high demand but rare to find. Four out of five positions in this field are left unfilled with so few people in the space despite the high average salary of $70k a year.

If you're looking to get one of these sought after jobs of the future, it's time to pave your path towards software engineering.

So how do you get to these career paths? With a degree of course, and you might want to choose a software engineering degree that can equip you with an industry-ready skillset.

NitroDegree in Applied Software Engineering

forward school software engineering

Forward School offers one of the most revolutionary courses in Malaysia. Our accredited NitroDegree in Applied Software Engineering equips aspiring students with industry-ready skills required for the fast-moving tech sector. 

We give you more than just a certificate. Our course focuses on project-based learning developed in tandem with our industry partners. That means students will graduate with a CV filled with capstone projects from real clients. 

We are confident that our course provides students with the necessary skills to go straight into the workforce. With more than 20 hiring partners, our students gain an advantage in securing a job upon graduation. We give graduates a worldwide job guarantee which entitles them to a refund on their tuition fee if they do not get a job within six months of graduation. 

If you're looking to start your journey in Applied Software Engineering, speak to our learning advisor and click here.

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