Your Oct 2022 Semester Elite 8 - Ready to Serve!

As the Elite 8's newest members begin the new semester, here's an update on what we've been up to. With individuals such as Penang's Docker Captain, Sujay Pillai, and Nathan Onn, the Elite 8 has organised in-house events and workshops for the benefit of students and the general public alike. To put their skills to the test, all members led their teams in a hackathon hosted by Forward School in collaboration with Exabytes and Vitrox, where they

presented their projects to a panel of judges composed of current industry experts. Choo and Tan, two of our previous members, flew to Singapore to collaborate with Click & Brew, Penang's first mechanical keyboard workshop cum cafe, to host a mechanical keyboard workshop for Meta Singapore employees.

Moving forward, we will organise more workshops for our fellow students with the goal of strengthening our grasp on relevant skills and tools required to become better developers. We will also be participating in future hackathons organised by the college and foreign organisations. By doing so this force hopes to inculcate our leadership potential whilst improving our ability to work in a team.

Vyashya Raj - President

Vyashya Raj is a Penangite who goes by the name Yash. This figure works in EasyWork as a Developer Trainee. He is an energetic young man who loves to play badminton whenever he isn't neck deep in code and projects. He also takes pride in being a Foodie. The motto this being follows for life is Never Quit, Never Give Up, Fly it to the End.

Joel Michael Seah - Vice President

Having previously worked in sales, Joel made a career shift and is now pursuing a diploma in Software Engineering. He is currently attached to Forward Labs which he has completed a project with. He has a sweet tooth and is a hardcore foodie, so much so that one of his dreams is to try all the food in the world, with hope that his future job in programming will help fund this dream.

Chan Hui Min - Secretary

Hui Min is currently working in Exabytes as a developer trainee. She is a Penangite who enjoys reading fiction and is always looking for new books to read. She is also a music fan who enjoys playing music in her spare time. "Success is not failure, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts," she says, and uses it to drive herself at all times.

Chan Xui Min - Designer

Xui Min is passionate about what she does. She is a Developer Trainee in Easywork. As a typical Penangite, she likes to explore different kinds of food, especially the chocolaty ones. She enjoys well-written and composed music of various genres as long as it's nice and lifts one's spirits up.

Foong Jac Khe - Marketer

Jackhe is a penangite currently working for Whiteroom. She's a fan of good food, cause who wouldn't be when you're living in Penang? She also enjoys pc building and is working part time at Gadget Zone.

Caaron Ooi - Designer

Caaron, a 23 year old from Penang and a student of Forward School, interested in Web Development and currently working with Forward Labs. He believes that in the coming years, technology will impact the world and change our lifestyle.

Nathalie Teh- Marketer

Nathalie is passionate about web development and good design. She is working in Forward Labs at the moment. Despite her passion for code, she spends most of her free time looking up random stuff, such as, is the Earth really flat?

Lo Chia Ching - Curator

Chia Ching, a 21 years old penang lang attached to Vitrox and is a person who believes technology and problem solving skills are the key to making the world a better place.

Justin Chong- Curator

He codes during the day, and indulges in movies at night. Justin Chong is a humble, yet determined individual who strives to break into the technology industry.

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Elite 8 President (Oct'22)

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