Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Workshop: Data Analytics Jumpstart [Kuala Lumpur]

About this event:

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Data Analytics Jumpstart Workshop

Considering a career upgrade or change? Maybe you've started exploring data on your own, and want to find out if you're on the right track.

How do data analysts work? What are the tools they use? What is their process like?

Data Analytics Jumpstart is a community workshop that will get your journey started with data analytics. You'll first be introduced to the data science workflow, walk through an actual data analytics project and then experience using Python to analyze your first data project.

Is this workshop for you?

  • You want to add Python & data analytics to your skill set.
  • You're considering a career in data analytics, but unsure.
  • You are suddenly tasked with data projects at work.

What will be covered?

An Introduction to Data Analytics

How does data analytics  work and how does it provide value for a business? Data analyst usually help a business do one of two things – increase revenue or reduce operation costs. Learn everything about data analytics at the workplace and discuss the pathways to turn it into a career.

The Data Analytics Workflow

Discover the data analytics workflow by dissecting a real-world data project. You will see all parts including how data is collected, cleaned, merged, and explored to create visualization and present findings.

Data Analytics Hands-On

Put your hands on Python, the most popular programming language used by data scientists. Python is a beginner-friendly programming language, thanks to its straightforward syntax. Plus, it is an in-demand programming tool (you'll see it in most job requirements for data analysts) used for big data analysis, data wrangling and to building complex machine learning models.

In this workshop – we'll start with the fundamentals of using Python for data analysis.

This will provide you with the know-how and momentum to build your skills in Python for data analytics. And with additional practice, be able to take on real data analytics projects.

What is required

  • A laptop. (As long as your computer runs a browser, that's fine.)
  • No prior coding, analytics or tech training required.
  • Basic computer skills. (You should know how to use common programs like a browser, Microsoft Excel and the internet)

The instructor

Trained as a biologist, Hui Wen followed her passion in storytelling and found data as the new medium. Today, she’s a data scientist in a rising startup, building AI agents in the digital marketing space.

With a diverse background spanning industries such as media, commerce, healthcare, and fintech, Hui Wen finds joy at connecting the dots between people and businesses. Notably, at MoneyLion and Astro, she spearheaded the development of recommendation engines, revolutionizing the viewing experience and financial literacy for millions across the US and Malaysia.

Outside work, Hui Wen shares her expertise as a mentor and speaker, having addressed audiences of 300 on data analytics and data science, including engagements at Google and universities. Aside, she enjoys writing on LinkedIn, focusing on personal growth and data, guiding others to unlock their potential.

Entry Fees

The fee for the workshop is RM50 per participant.

Your fees help cover necessary costs required for us to organize the workshop. See it as a way to commit to the workshop. To maintain the quality of the workshop, there will only be 30 seats available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an online recording?
This is a face-to-face workshop. There will not be an online recording.

I've no coding experience. Can I join?
Yes. This workshop is made for beginners with no tech background.

I need help. Who can I reach?
If you run into any issues, please email hello@forward.edu.my and we will do our best to assist you.

Hui Wen Chong
Data Scientist
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March 27, 2024
7.30 pm to 10 pm
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