Applied Deep Learning

2 Months | Online Live
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Course Overview

Developed together with Skymind’s team of experienced Deep Learning engineers, this bootcamp teaches students how to effectively use Deep Learning tools to create Computer Vision system models for production. It also aims to prepare students to venture into Deep Learning as a career.

In two months, you will learn the different advanced techniques and algorithms of Deep Learning for Computer Vision, from image processing, image classification, object detection to image segmentation, using the Deeplearning4j framework. By the end of this bootcamp, you will complete a project on computer vision application and take an in-house examination to evaluate your understanding that is necessary to be a certified Deep Learning Engineer.

Upon passing the exam, that's not all. We will offer you a Deep Learning Engineer position with our Skymind's Channel Partners. Yes, you heard it right! A job offer as well and you will be a Deep Learning engineer officially.

Learning Outcomes
  • Gain a clear and detailed understanding of how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning work
  • Learn in-depth, advanced Deep Learning techniques and algorithms for Computer Vision tasks
  • Learn the deployment of Deep Learning models with Deeplearning4J framework for production
  • Obtain hands-on experience for advanced digital image processing and classification concepts
  • Learn the fundamentals needed for a state-of-the-art image recognition project
  • Understand the broad opportunities for automation with Deep Learning
Course Curriculum
Course Curriculum

Preparation module will be sent to you before the date of the webinar being conducted. This module was designed to equip you with the fundamental knowledge required to achieve optimal learning experiences during the webinar.

  • Mastering of Machine Learning Fundamentals 1
  • Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
  • Mastering of Machine Learning Fundamentals 2
  • Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning
  • Mastering of Machine Learning Fundamentals 3 & 4
  • Introduction to Neural Network
  • Java Programming Crash Course
Module 1:
Introduction to Deep Learning I
  • Demo and Intro to DL4J, ND4J, DataVec
  • Intro to Deep Learning and Feedforward Neural Network: Deep Neural Networks
  • Intro to Deep Learning and Feedforward Neural Network: Backpropagation
  • Activity/Hands-on: ND4J, DataVec, Feedforward Neural Network in DL4J
Module 2:
Introduction to Deep Learning II 
  • Hyperparameters Tuning
  • Autoencoders
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Activity/Hands-on: Hyperparameter Tuning in DL4J, Anomaly Detection, Text Generation with Recurrent Neural Networks
Module 3:
Advanced Deep Learning with Computer Vision 1: 
  • Image Processing
  • Activity/Hands-on: Image Processing with JavaCV, Face Anonymization with JavaCV
Module 4:
Advanced Deep Learning with Computer Vision 2: Image Classification
  •  Convolutional Neural Network fundamentals
  •  Image Classification with Deep Learning
  •  Activity/Hands-on: MNIST Classification, Dog Breed Classification, Oil Palm Plantation Classification
Module 5:
Advanced Deep Learning with Computer Vision 3:  Object Detection 
  • Object detection with Deep Learning
  • Facial Recognition
  • Activity/Hands-on: YOLO Object Detection, Metal Defect detection, Facial Recognition
Module 6:
Advanced Deep Learning with Computer Vision 3: Object Recognition 
  • Segmentation with Deep Learning
  • Activity/Hands-on: Cell Segmentation, Car Segmentation
  • Group Project Kick-off
Certified Engineer in Computer Vision Examination
Admissions Requirements
Dates & Costs
2 Months | Online Live
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9 AM to 4 PM | Weekends
Payment options:
  • Full Tuition Fee: RM 7,400
  • HRDF Claimable for Companies
  • Subsidisation Available!
  • Monthly Instalment: Applicable with credit card payments
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