Hamzah bin Hamizan

Having a better understanding of when floods will happen calls for early prevention, our way of serving the community through data!
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Data Science Bootcamp Graduate Dec'21
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My name is Hamzah and I am a graduate in Bachelor of Technology (Computer Systems and Networking) from Curtin University.

Why Forward School?

I heard good reviews, and so it happens that there was a scholarship available for both Data Science Essentials and Applied Data Science. Also partly because I knew the instructors and their experiences prior to joining FS.

Capstone Project

Predictive Flood Analysis based on Meteorological and Mapping Data in Urban Area. I did a last-minute pivot, and upon discussing with my instructor, he advised me to pursue this project as I did a similar assignment before. That said, flood has been a recurring concern for the community, and one of the worst disasters that can ever happen in our country, hence being able to have better understanding on when it will happen is a great way for early prevention. In fact, together with a couple of course-mates, we are looking to continue developing our projects together to better serve the community.

What is your favourite moment during the program

Spending my nights after work, working and revising together with course-mates! For me, coming from Sarawak, FS running the programme virtually truly is a superb opportunity as I can focus on upskilling myself without being concerned of the logistics and financial support that I needed to consider, if the programme were to be done physically. 

I have been given the opportunity to be taught by the instructors in both Data Science Essentials and Applied Data Science, and it was one of the best learning experience that I have ever had as most of the assignments and class activities are very practical, and they assisted us in every concerns that we have during and after the classes. However, I do feel that there is room for improvement, especially when it comes to explanation and enthusiasm when teaching. Other than that, the sharing sessions were very insightful, and the instructors were very engaging throughout the whole time!

Forward School is the best alternative education option within the region where you can network, learn and explore not only what you can do, but also how you can work with your fellow course-mates! I'd love to see more group works that potentially can lead to the students joining hackathons while expanding their portfolio in Data Science. Coupled with industry-experienced instructors and flexible arrangement, it's a great programme which those who're more keen on the practical aspects of the tech industry should look into!

My Capstone Project Presentation on Predictive Flood Analysis based on Meterological and Mapping Data in Urban Areas
Having a better understanding of when floods will happen calls for early prevention, our way of serving the community through data!

How has Data Science helped you in your work today

At my current job, I utilised my knowledge in Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) to analyse and come up with better assumptions for our company using the data taken from our social media channels at the end of 2021, which led us to create data-driven decision making. It helped a lot, and we saw a significant increase of programme participation just by looking at the weekly participation data over the past 5 years. We're slowly shifting our data collection method to be more streamlined to create better reporting for the future.

I will be working with Pandai as an Associate Product Manager in May 2022, a decision made to further explore how I can utilise my skills while at the same time learning with my new peers on how I can further delve into the world of data. Super thrilled as I'll finally be able to experience the startup hustle, especially when I knew that they are part of Y Combinator's 2021 cohort!